feed my starving children

1,335,833 meals donated and counting

Every day thousands of children die of starvation. School Tool Box has partnered with Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit charity, in an effort to make a difference. One Box, One Meal, Two Kids. Together we can do this!

As an organization, School Tool Box is making the commitment to live out our "servant's heart" core value by partnering with FMSC to feed starving children. These starving children do not have the opportunity to learn until their basic needs are met. We are driven to make a difference in their lives of those children. For every box of school supplies that we ship, we will donate a meal to a starving child through FMSC. You can equip your kids for learning and for life, through the lesson of giving and the benefits of School Tool Box.

Visit FMSC to learn more about their wonderful work!